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ISL99227FRZ-T Integrated High-Accuracy Controller PWM Interface 32-PQFN

The ISL99227 and ISL99227B are Smart Power Stage (SPS) compatible with Intersil’s ISL68xxx/69xxx Digital Multiphase (DMP) controllers and phase doubler (ISL6617A), respectively. The ISL99227 and ISL99227B have integrated high accuracy current and temperature monitors that can be fed back to the controller and doubler to complete a multiphase DC/DC system. They simplify design and increase performance by eliminating the DCR sensing network and associated thermal compensation. Light-load efficiency is supported through a dedicated LFET control pin. An industry leading thermally enhanced 5x5 PQFN package allows minimal overall PCB real estate.

The ISL99227 and ISL99227B feature a 3.3V compatible, 5.0V compatible tri-state PWM input that, working together with Intersil’s multiphase PWM controllers, provide a robust solution in the event of abnormal operating conditions. The ISL99227 and ISL99227B also improve system performance and reliability with integrated fault protection of UVLO, over-temperature, and overcurrent. An open-drain fault reporting pin simplifies the handshake between SPS and Intersil controllers and can be used to disable the controller during start-up and fault conditions.



• Input range: +4.5V to +18V

• Supports 60A DC current

• ISL99227 with 3.3V compatible tri-state PWM input

• ISL99227B with 5.0V compatible tri-state PWM input

• Downslope current sensing

• ±3% accuracy current monitor (IMON) with REFIN input

• 8mV/°C temperature monitor with OT flag

• Dedicated low-side FET control input

• Comprehensive fault protection for high system reliability

- High-side FET short and overcurrent protection

- Over-temperature protection

- VCC and VIN Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)

• Open-drain fault reporting output

• Up to 2MHz switching frequency

• Pb-free (RoHS compliant), 32 Ld 5x5 PQFN



• High frequency and high efficiency VRM and VRD

• Core, graphic, and memory regulators for microprocessors

• High density VR for server, networking, and cloud computing

• POL DC/DC converters and video gaming consoles



specification of ISL99227FRZ-T


Integrated Circuits (ICs)





Voltage - Supply

4.5V ~ 18V

Current - Supply

4.75 mA

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 125°C

Package / Case


Supplier Device Package

32-PQFN (5x5)

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